About Us

This site was designed by people who love watching and playing games like you. And we want to help you find more fun stuff to enjoy and share our industry knowledge with you. So if you like what you see, stick around! We’re looking forward to getting to know you better and helping you get your game on. If not, well, we’ll try not to take it personally!

What is this site about?

Well, it’s about gaming news. About video games news. But if you’re an anime fan or a gamer who loves anime (or both), don’t worry . we know many gamers also love anime. So we’ll include anime-related gaming news alongside our other stories for those who want it and those who don’t, well, won’t have to deal with that part.

Who runs it?

Jack and Jill run this site. Jack has been a massive fan of anime since he was young. He started a manga club in high school, which kept him connected with other passionate fans throughout his life. During his time in college, Jack went on a trip to Japan and experienced first-hand how different it is from American culture. As soon as he returned home, he knew he wanted to share his passion for anime with everyone else!

How can we help you?

https://www.pascalgameengine.com is a site that provides you with information on gaming news, opinions, reviews, and interviews. We understand that many sites do similar things, so we want Pascal Game Engine to be unique for our audience. We want our community of fans from around the world to be a place where they can connect and get involved in all aspects of what we offer.