The kalashtar are an alien race of psionic humanoids that inhabit the strange and wondrous world of Eberron. Originally created to be a slave race to the quori, the kalashtar managed to break free of their masters by sacrificing themselves en masse and achieving true enlightenment. After this incredible experience, they gain power over the mind and can share it with others through telepathy, controlling the thoughts and actions of others for good or ill.

The Inspiration Behind the Character:

I was reading the kalashtar 5e book and I was really intrigued by their backstory and how they came to be. I did some research on dndbeyond and found that kalashtar are actually a playable race in d&d 5e. I thought that was really cool and decided to make a character inspired by them. After reading about their abilities and seeing some of the artwork, I was really sold on the idea of playing a kalashtar.

Physical Appearance:

The Kalashtar are a tall and slender race, with dark hair and eyes. They have an almost ethereal quality to them, as if they are not quite of this world. Kalashtar 5e book describes them as being both beautiful and otherworldly.

Personality Traits:

Kalashtar are a unique and original race in the world of Dungeons and Dragons. They are known for their compassionate nature and their ability to read minds. Kalashtar are also proficient in psionics, making them a powerful force to be reckoned with. If you’re looking for an engaging and original race to play, look no further than the kalashtar!

Positive Attributes:

Kalashtar are a unique and interesting race with a lot of potential in the fifth edition of Dungeons and Dragons. They have a rich history and culture, which is reflected in their game mechanics. They are also well-rounded, with a variety of abilities that make them viable in many different roles. Overall, they are a fun and engaging option for any player looking for something new and original. The D&D Beyond website does not currently offer anything on kalashtar.

The kalashtar are an original option for players looking to play an uncommon character, such as those who want to explore their backstory or want to create a character from a less common race. Players should keep in mind that some features of the kalashtar might be more difficult to represent using paper and pencils. For example, when playing a kalashtar character, it’s difficult to convey telepathy without verbal communication because it would require drawing pictures or showing your face instead of writing words. If you’re interested in playing a beautiful creature with an intriguing story and potent magical ability, then this race might be perfect for you!

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